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In 1963, the president Renzo Fornari decided to entrust the friend graphic designer, editor and art critic Franco Maria Ricci, for the designing of the logo and image of the company. The proposed brand is very simple, modern and compact. A hexagon, decomposed into six equilateral triangles, which suggest the concept of modularity but at the same time evoke the shape of a flower, alluding the idea of femininity. That very symbol became SCIC’s logo, and it still is today.

‘´Noi della SCIC,
usiamo le stesse materie prime della natura:
la forma e il colore."


Before the kitchens even started being produced, Ricci has been introducing the new company with a colourful, ironic and pop AD campaign, that gave back the warmth to the modern kitchens rational universe by combining it with ancient, essential tools. A 50-years friendship, a business and human union combination from which successful and talented ideas sprung.


Renzo Fornari and Franco Maria Ricci never stop and in 2006 they meet again and the famous Ricci library situated in via Durini turns in the SCIC’s Milan showroom. Therefore, the story goes on, and after many years Ricci and Fornari get together again and the space in via Durini (Milan), is adapted without altering its charm by Dell’Orto architects Cattaneo and Garbin, and welcomes new Scic models, at the same time Franco Maria Ricci’s books, become the protagonists of “Made in Italy” famous all over the world. Indeed, the installation presented to the visitors of Salone del Mobile 2017 is nothing but their most recent intersection. Lost in green, each visitor is led to discover the newest kitchen launched by SCIC, which sees Franco Maria Ricci’s dream re-interpreted through the emotional intervention of the artist Giovanni Bressana.


''Un elemento dopo l’altro componiamo
la cucina più affascinante del mondo.
Una cucina allegra, comoda,
divertente, giusta. La vostra cucina’'


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