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Scic since 1948, precisely in a furniture workshop of Parma city centre, along Via Emilia, started realizing the first wooden furniture prototypes. A few years later moved to the old Mariano Mill.


Renzo Fornari takes the lead and transforms the business into a company that produces elegant and technologically advanced kitchens. This is how SCIC was born, “Super Cucine Italiane Componibili” (Modular Italian Super-Kitchens).

When in Mariano’s Mill the first models were studied, all the development stages of the assembly line were programmed on the 150 thousand square meters area of Viarolo.


SCIC entrusts Franco Maria Ricci, then a young Parmesan designer, with his own image.

The brand, a hexagon divided into six triangular elements, comes from the dual idea of ​​beauty and modularity. Beauty is suggested by the symbolic evocation of the flower to which the hexagon can be traced; while the modularity is suggested by the hexagon itself considered in its purely geometric appearance.


In 1969, the Lunascic model was born in the name of ergonomics. The hob, the containers, the shelves, the dishwasher: everything comes at hand. Just press a button. The refrigerator is cylindrical and the structure with shelves-containers go up and down electronically.



‘Carrello bar’ designed by A. e P. G. Castiglioni
SCIC Production

Lacquered wood structure. The feature of the piece is the automation; the two part of the cover slide sideways at the push of a button. The container elements have an upward movement.



The new Conchiglia Scic is born at the 12th Salone del Mobile in Milan. An idea that changes the look of kitchen furniture and offers a “natural” solution to the domestic order.


Victoria & Albert
Designed by Franco Maria Ricci
SCIC Production



G.S SCIC wins the Giro d’Italia
with Giuseppe Saronni’s pink jersey.

The factors of Scic’s story that brought the brand and the company to be a steady reference point in the production of luxurious kitchens and interior design, is strongly influenced by the history of our country. SCIC finds its way into the heart of every Italian home since the beginning of the 40’s that thanks to its kitchens with their modern and unconventional design.

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